In light of the Rabbi Zev Johnson and students from Chabad at UT meet with Governor Gregg Abbott at the Texas State Capitol to discuss anti-semtism and Israel.growing BDS movement and anti-Israel sentiment around college campuses, including UT Austin, it is important to take action to educate and engage our students about Israel programming as a means of combating this.

The Israel program is designed to encourage Jewish pride and pro-Israel sentiment and action as well as engage non-Jewish students by enlightening them about Israel. As we reach these students we are empowering them to be thoughtful, strategic advocates for Israel.


Our goal is to educate and engage strategic, proactive leaders on campus and beyond, to foster Jewish identity and learn about the important role Israel plays. Our program creates a community that is supportive of Israel and that is able to advocate for Israel based on knowledge and information.

The lead project in our innovative Israel program is the Texas Israel StartUp Association (TISA), but also includes bringing effective speakers to our Students join Rabbi Zev Johnson to show their Longhorn pride atop Masada. June 2016campus community, sending student delegates to AIPAC, and the Birthright Next initiative, amongst many others.


Through these programs, students develop a meaningful attachment to Israel and learn tools for engagement and advocacy. The program also incorporates education about Jewish culture and history as it relates back to the Israel experience.





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