ChabadShares at UT Austin - Make A Difference 


What is ChabadShares?

You already own Chabad at UT...this will always be a home for you, no matter where you are!  ChabadShares is an innovative way to ensure today’s and tomorrow’s UT students have the same experience as you did.  By committing to a monthly or yearly gift to Chabad at UT you not only leave a legacy of continuing support, but you buy into the success of the Chabad House and all of the wonderful memories you directly help create.


Who participates in ChabadShares?
Anyone who wants to see UT Chabad grow and prosper. Currently there are alumni and friends of UT Chabad participating in the program, but anyone who has been touched by the Johnson family is welcome to be a Shareholder.

What benefits are there?
Shareholders receive both tangible and intangible benefits. The first is knowing that your gift goes directly toward the continued success of the the Chabad House - all of the programming, meals, and memories are made possible because of Shareholder gifts. Participants also receive a detailed update each semester with metrics to see exactly where the gifts are demonstrating impact. Shareholders receive special reminders throughout the year of how much Chabad at UT appreciates their commitment (think: handmade Shmura Matzah from Israel for Pesach). 

What does ChabadShares enable Chabad at UT to do?

Everything! Every dollar that is invested in Chabad at UT through ChabadShares allows students, alumni, friends, community members to learn, thrive, and connect through all of the offerings at the Chabad House.
Each gift goes directly toward

~delicious, home-cooked meals,
~Torah study sessions,
~social events,
~Shabbat services,
~Lunch and Learn,
~memorable Holiday experiences
the list can go on with all of the opportunities at Chabad.
Because each gift through ChabadShares is recurring, each gift propels and powers the activities that can happen!

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Because Everyone Should OWN a Piece of Chabad's FUTURE