Pesach Seders
  Seder Reservations

Are you looking for a meaningful Seder that you can follow?

There is a seat for you at Chabad's Passover Seder.

We offer a warm, interactive Passover Seder. Our Seder is English friendly and not prayer intensive, so everyone can feel welcome. Enjoy fine wines, full dinner, and crispy hand-made Matzot. Celebrate the Holiday of Freedom at a Seder experience you will remember for a lifetime!

Seders will be held at the Chabad Jewish Student Center. Contact Rabbi Zev for scholarship opportunities at
[email protected], or find him on Facebook

First Seder: Monday, April 10 | 8:15 PM

Second Seder: Tuesday, April 11 | 9:15 PM

Cover Charge per Seder:
Jewish Students: $18* per Seder | $30 for both
Young Alumni: $25* per seder Non Students: $45 per Seder
For scholarship opportunities, contact us.

*Student & Young Alumn price subsidized - additional donations welcome!


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First Night Seder Second Night Seder Both Sedarim
Students - $18 | Young Alumni - $25 | Non Student - $45
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Holiday Meals
Fee per meal: Students - $10 Non Student - $30 | Friday night & Shabbat day free for Jewish students

Tuesday, April 11
Lunch 1:30 PM

Wednesday, April 12
Lunch 1:30 PM

Thursday, April 13
  Dinner 7:00 PM

Friday, April 14
Dinner 7:30 PM



Saturday, April 15
Lunch 1:30 PM

Dinner 8:30 pm


Sunday, April 16
  Dinner 8:30 PM 



 Monday, April 17
Dinner 9 PM

 Tuesday, April 18
Lunch 1:30 pm

Moshiach Meal 6:30 pm



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