Shabbat Speech by Recent UT Alumni: Jonathan Itzhakov

Sunday, 2 September, 2012 - 10:42 am

Three things are true about every UT Chabad event:

1.       You will meet interesting people

2.       The Rabbi will inspire you to see things in a new light,

3.       And you will regret arriving to the event on-time because nobody gets there on time (For the uninitiated, Jews operate on JST). ---JST is also known as Jewish standard time. Scientists have tried, failingly, for years to define the time conditions associated with JST. Some claim that it is 15 minutes late, others say 30 minutes, and a minority even says that as long as they make the event, they are on time.

On a more serious note, I believe that Chabad is a great organization because it has proven itself to be my home away from home, cultivated a great culture for Jewish students on campus, and it possesses great leadership helping me to cultivate my own skills.

Chabad has repeatedly proven to me (and hopefully others as well) that it is my home away from home for many reasons. Whatever the circumstance, Chabad was there to provide me with advice, support, and someone with which to speak. As a college student, I remember multiple times that I felt either overwhelmed or over worked and I did not want to tell my mother, because I did not want  to worry her --you know Jewish mothers and all.  Instead I was able to turn to Rabbi Zev and he provided me with wise words that I still refer to today. Thank you, Rabbi Zev!

Chabad has a wonderful culture, atmosphere, and energy. I have yet to see another organization with as successful of a Jewish melting pot that Chabad possesses. Chabad attracts people from all backgrounds, be it Israeli, French, Spanish, or those Texans that just seem to come over in bunches. Texans aside, the beauty of Chabad is that despite all our differences, we still manage to understand each other and grow together. Thank you all! You guys are the driving force behind the wonderful culture. Please keep it up!

I performed due diligence for this next one. Admittedly, it wasn’t performed in the most professional way—I mean how professional is a Google search? Nevertheless, here are some of the leadership qualities that I believe Rabbi Zev possesses:

  1. Exemplary character. Rabbi “walks the talk”. 
  2. Enthusiasm. Rabbi is very enthusiastic about his work.
  3. Openness. Rabbi is able to listen to new ideas, even if they do not conform to the usual way of thinking. He suspends judgment while listening to others' ideas.

Rabbi Zev is a wonderful leader. We are very fortunate that he chose his alma mater to do his life’s work, but he could not do it without his wonderful wife. Thank you, Ariela! Without you, I do not know if Rabbi Zev would be as great. We really appreciate everything you do!


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