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Pink Shabbat Speech

Monday, 30 October, 2017 - 2:46 pm

Kelsey FeinbergPlease look around the room and see the people around you. Every single person here has probably been affected by cancer in one way or another. I am proud to be a part of Pink Shabbat, to take this time tonight to recognize the many lives effected by this disease, especially ones as prominent as the Breast Cancer. For those who do not know, I was diagnosed with cancer in high school. I underwent several chemotherapy treatments, procedures, and overall endured what one would when living a life with cancer. There are many things you lose from this process. I lost my physical strength, I lost my hair and eyelashes, I lost the opportunities to continue to live my life I had been living, and the overall feeling of health. However, I did not just lose, but I also gained. I gained more than I could ever have imagined. I gained wisdom about my family, my friends, even strangers, and myself. My family and friends have provided a support system stronger than anything I have ever seen. I have also seen that I have a new profound connection new people I meet every day. As time has gone on, not only have I regained a lot of what I lost, but I also continue to receive more. Even with a the new community I am in now, I have been overwhelmed with the love from the people in my life. Thank you to everyone here for supporting Pink Shabbat, supporting those battling breast cancer, and supporting me. 

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