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Pink Shabbat Speech

Tuesday, 24 October, 2017 - 4:14 pm

Jodi Joskowitz and Corey JoskowitzEarlier today after I was done practicing my original speech, my mother looked at me and said “you may be smarter than me, but I’m more experienced”. That’s what I wanted to talk about today. Experience.

My sophomore year of high school, I was a subpar student academically and behaviorally. I was failing to live up to my expectations and those of my parents

I was put up to be expelled twice my sophomore year. I was scared and it was written on my face. I showed weakness and people treaded me differently because of it. My parents were more scared than I, but I was the one crying.

I made it through in one piece, without getting expelled, but I assumed that I had had the experience that made me a man. I was wrong.

Junior year started off great. Grades were impeccable (not to brag or anything) and I was called a model student by multiple teachers other than my gym teacher.

Halfway through the year that all changed.

When I got home on the day before my first official college tour, I immediately knew something was wrong. Mom was home early. That’s how I knew it was cancer. After she confirmed my suspicions, I went up to her, hugged her, and said “We will get through this”

This experience, although painful, has made my family and myself stronger. Being the family member of someone with cancer is hard. But it also makes you stronger in ways you wouldn’t think possible. Through the entire process from news break to officially cured, I never cried. Not to my mom. my dad. And definitely not to my older sister. It wasn’t about being prideful, it was about not showing weakness. I knew showing weakness was not something that would help, so I didn’t do it. I kept my head high and was the rock my mother, and my family needed me to be.

This may not be the ten pages my mom wrote, but I hope it send a clear message. Every experience in life is that. An experience. Use it to your advantage to become the best you you can be. I will tell you that my mother is stronger than I am. But because of her, we both got stronger together

I’m not saying this was a pleasant or easy experience by any means. But the fight we put up made it with it.

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