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Rosh Hashanah 2nd Night

Thursday, 28 September, 2017 - 3:42 pm

Grace GilbertIf you walk around campus and west campus you see a lot of construction. Buildings are being renovated and soon there will probably be a new Villas. I am no contractor or construction person, but when you begin to build a structure like an apartment complex or a school building, or just a house, you start from the outside structure. Only when the structure is complete do we begin to focus on the interior of the building. But in the Torah, there is a story in Exodus where G-d is instructing us to build the tabernacle and he says to start with the Torah on the inside and work on the outer framework last. The lesson is simple: when building a home, a community, a friendship, we must place the most important things in the centre and build around it - if we build everything else first, there may not be any room left for what we care most about.

This story comes from the parsha Terumah and the root of Terumah translates to “to elevate”. So, lets try as we start the New Year to take the ordinary aspects of our lives and elevate them with more purpose. Lets fill our cups with only the good stuff and remember to focus less on where you physically are sometimes and more on who you are with and what you want those around you to take form your experiences with them.

To a sweet, healthy, fun, and successful new year, shana tova.
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