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A Glimpse of JTribe Shabbat Dvar Torah Speech

Monday, 18 September, 2017 - 5:18 pm

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In Nitzavim, God gives the Jewish people a choice between life and death and implores them to choose life so that they may live. Obviously, physical life and death aren't what's being discussed here. He's referring to spiritual, emotional life and death. If the Jewish people choose to follow primal desires, their spirits will die. If they subvert physical wants for a higher path, they will live. We face these choices every day, and they don't solely regard following Torah law. Every time you decide to wake up early and work out before class, you choose life. Every time you hit snooze until you just barely have time to roll out of bed and make it class in your pjs, that's choosing death. In the moment, hitting that snooze button and going back to sleep feels amazing, but not doing that feels more fulfilling in the long term.


Moses tells the Jewish people he is dying and announces that Joshua will succeed him. However, a righteous person never truly dies because their good deeds create ripples and affect the world long after their soul leaves the physical world.

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