Club 36


Thank you so far to:

1. Mr. and Mrs. Marc Hanover

2. Leslie and Howard Schultz Philanthropic Fund of the Dallas Jewish Community Foundation

3. Liz and Robert Liener & family

4. Marcus and Ann Rosenberg Foundation


Read a moving letter from Mrs. Lizzy Rosenberg Greif. 

I am writing you to share a very special experience I had recently and to ask you to join me by being part of something special.

I recently had the opportunity to sponsor a Friday night Shabbat dinner at the Chabad Student Center at the University of Texas.   This particular Friday night was “Pink Shabbat”. The purpose of Pink Shabbat is to bring breast cancer awareness to the students. It was more then my pleasure to sponsor this Shabbat dinner in memory of my sister Margot Rosenberg Pulitzer who lost her battle to breast cancer. My sister was a wonderful mother of four who had so many special qualities. One in particular was her love for her children and their friends. I cannot remember a Shabbat when there was not a house full of children playing or hanging out with her own children. During the dinner this is all I could think of. Why you may ask? Well, room was set up (in pink) for 88 people. It soon became apparent that more seats were needed. I suddenly saw a flurry of activity as many students came together to set up more tables and chairs to make room for the additional guests. Students continued to stream in throughout the evening until the room was overflowing with students. In all there were over 120 Jewish students together for a Shabbat dinner. All I could think of was that my sister would be so happy to see this room filled to capacity with “kids” socializing and enjoying each other’s company for a Shabbat dinner. The excitement was palpable.

This is what Chabad Student Center at UT does. It is a place where Jewish students come together through their many programs and opportunities. University of Texas has a growing Jewish student population and it is so important that there is a warm, comfortable place where the students can come to be with other Jewish students. As my niece Noa Waks, class of 2015, said to her peers at Pink Shabbat dinner, “When my Aunt Margot was sick, the community was there for me and our whole family. You never know when you will need to lean on a community for support. Chabad at UT is a special community. Come be a part of it in any way that works for you.” 

Need I say more? 

These programs and the opportunities do not pay for themselves. I am personally taking on a challenge to help raise funds to keep these programs going at their current level and beyond. My goal is to have a “Club 36”. I would like to get 36 donors to partner with me to give $1,000 each. We can all be part of a special club that supports Jewish life at UT where these Jewish Longhorns can come together to create their own community.

Please consider joining me. I look forward to speaking with you soon.



Lizzy Rosenberg Greif



P.S. Your Club 36 donation can be made online at

or sent to 

Chabad Jewish Student Center 

2101 Nueces Street Austin‎ TX‎ 78705